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Heterogeneous Networks

The rapidly growing demands placed upon wireless networks have increased the need for network expansions and upgrades and forced the industry to adopt multi layered approaches to the provision of service. This is especially true in indoor scenarios where over 70% of mobile traffic originates.

Sunwave Solutions provides a full suite of products that allow our customers to decide on the best fit for their unique network needs from a single vendor. Whether direct to an Operator or a 3rd party Enterprise solution, our full suite of products, from Core/Ran to DAS and small cell, provide a comprehensive set of options to address network upgrades and expansions.

Sunwave Solutions’ RAN product provides the small size and rapid deployment necessary for many applications. In addition, our ThinRan eNodeB, a software defined 3GPP RAN is designed to integrate seamlessly with the Crossfire DAS platform. ThinRan is a low power eNodeB (0 dBm 2x MIMO output) which connects directly into the Crossfire DAS, thereby eliminating the inefficiencies of traditional DAS deployments with regard to size, power consumption, and HVAC requirements. The ThinRan Evolved Packet Core facilitates full interoperability with all of the available core networks.

The Crossfire DAS platform offers a leading edge solution for DAS deployments. By combining the configuration flexibility offered by transport and the efficiencies of size and performance, Crossfire has established a new paradigm in DAS capabilities.

These products can all be combined with the Sunwave Small Cell platform which is fully interoperable with all currently deployed core networks.

Sunwave’s CrossFire, ThinRan, and Small Cell solutions provide the end to end architectures necessary to achieve true Heterogeneous Network capabilities.