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Agnostic Small Cell

Increasing mobile data growth leads to increasing demands for multiple technology indoor coverage solutions. Sunwave’s NANO supports multiple bands and multiple technologies to deliver an unrivalled indoor coverage experience.

Sunwave’s NANO supports up to 4 bands with multiple technologies in a unit weighing less than 400 grams and with a capacity of 3 ltr. Supporting both CAT 5 & 6 cables as well as multimode and single mode fibre cables, NANO delivers 15 dBm per band with each band having a contiguous bandwidth up to 80 MHz. The NANO unit is fully compatible with Crossfire which means that a Crossfire DAS can comprise any mix of HP remote units, LP remote units as well as NANO units.

In an industry first, NANO is also available on a per band software license basis supporting a “pay as you grow” approach to providing DAS solutions. Initial DAS solutions may only have one or two bands licensed with additional bands added at a later stage when demand requires a capacity expansion.